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Liberalia es un proyecto del grupo de investigación iArtHis_LAB, del Departamento de Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Málaga. Es un motor de búsqueda especializado que obtiene datos de un grupo curado de fuentes de información presentes en la Red sobre exposiciones de contenido artístico. Es de acceso público, muy rápido y eficiente, con vocación didáctica y de herramienta para la investigación.

Dos veces al día recopila información relevante, y se puede consultar la más reciente en esta página.

Surface. Olafur Eliasson Becomes WeTransfer's Guest Curator, and Other News – SURFACE. 17 de julio de 2024 16:02. curator, monument, sculpture, expose, exhibition.

WeTransfer has announced that Olafur Eliasson is its 2024 guest curator for the WePresent creative portal. Eliasson, known for his work that addresses environmental issues, will use the platform to feature artists focused on the climate crisis, climate justice, systemic racism, and gender. So far, Sarah Masete, Hadeer Omar, and Neema Githere are confirmed as participating artists under Eliasson’s tenure.  A Shahzia Sikander statue at the University of Houston was beheaded amid protests from right-wing groups and severe weather caused by Hurricane Beryl. The 18-foot-tall bronze monument to women had faced criticism from anti-abortion activists, leading to the cancellation of its opening celebration and associated events. Despite initial plans for repair, Sikander requested that the sculpture remain damaged to expose the act of destruction; the university has agreed to honor her wishes. A call for proposals has been issued for a monument memorializing victims of the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire. The Royal Institute of British Architects and the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission will select five finalists to produce designs for a garden and monument that prominently features the names of

Thanks to a partnership with Public Art Fund, John F. Kennedy International Airport’s forthcoming Terminal 6 will feature installations by 18 contemporary artists, including Charles Gaines, Barbara Kruger, and Nina Chanel Abney. The $4.2 billion terminal sets aside $22 million for the art budget alone and is the Port Authority’s largest public art initiative yet. It follows successful art programs at LaGuardia and Newark airports. 

Surface. A 2025 Opening Date for Donald Judd's Restored Architecture Office, and Other News – SURFACE. 17 de julio de 2024 16:02. architecture, art, exhibition.

Donald Judd’s architecture office will open to the public in September 2025, following extensive restoration efforts that began in 2018. The project was delayed by a fire in 2021 but is making strides to continue its initial efforts to stabilize and preserve the structure. The renovated building will feature sustainable materials and energy-efficient cooling systems, and will house architectural models, design prototypes, and Judd’s furniture. It will also include new program spaces and accommodations for visiting researchers. Jane Fonda is teaming up with Gagosian to host “Art for a Safe and Healthy California,” an exhibition benefitting the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California, which combats harmful oil drilling practices. The show will feature works by Nan Goldin, Frank Gehry, Shepard Fairey, and others, and follows a successful April benefit that raised more than $14 million. “Art for a Safe and Healthy California” will take place at Gagosian Beverly Hills from July 18 to August 30. 

Surface. Pauline Rintsch Drifts Into the Knotty Depths of Feminine Interiority – SURFACE. 17 de julio de 2024 16:02. artist, paintings, painting, paint.

Here, we ask an artist to frame the essential details behind one of their latest works. What was on your mind at the time: The work consists of two paintings, touching and looking at each other through the corner, where they are installed with red frames. On my mind was creating an ambivalent atmosphere of either connection or disconnection through the paintings.  The painting on the left is the first of a series of paintings where the focus lies on the navel and its symbolic meaning. Here, the moment of undressing plays in particular with the anticipation of physical connection, intimacy, and touch. And the contrary on the right side: A person, childlike and introspective, seemingly disconnected from her surroundings like a closed shell. I made this portrait of my friend after she had a bad breakup. She started smoking a lot again and didn’t eat much to cope with the solitude and heartache.  An interesting feature that’s not immediately noticeable: As the work is installed with frames through the corner, it receives a sculptural dimension and depending on the point of view reminds me of a butterfly with wide wings or an opened book. I use the colors blue [...]

Arte Informado. Babestu. Programa de apoyo a la creación contemporánea - 2024-2025, Residencia, jul 2024 | ARTEINFORMADO. 17 de julio de 2024 15:31. artístico, arte, artista, pintura, museo.

Dirigido a: personas creadoras y colectivos de media carrera del contexto artístico y cultural del País Vasco, con el propósito de acompañarles en los procesos, investigaciones en curso o nuevos proyectos y fomentar la producción y la difusión de creación y cultura contemporánea, impulsando el intercambio de experiencias, ideas y visiones.Proyectos: se seleccionarán 4 proyectos artísticos, culturales y creativos, vinculados a las líneas de programación de Azkuna Zentroa. Cuatro de los proyectos elegidos estarán relacionados con las artes visuales, artes en vivo, cine y audiovisuales o literatura.Estancia: en Azkuna Zentroa, entre enero y diciembre de 2025.Apoyo: 6.000 euros, además de soporte, asesoramiento y mediación de Azkuna Zentroa.Plazo de presentación: del 8 de julio al 8 de septiembre de 2024.Colabora: Fundación Banco Sabadell, dentro de su programa de fomento y difusión del arte y la cultura. Infórmanos si has visto algún error en este contenido o eres este artista y quieres actualizarla. ARTEINFORMADO te agradece tu aportación a la comunidad del arte. [...]

Arte Informado. Letras, lápices, guitarra eléctrica y otras acumulaciones, Exposición, jul 2024 | ARTEINFORMADO. 17 de julio de 2024 15:31. artista, arte, pintura, exposiciones, museo.

Infórmanos si has visto algún error en este contenido o eres este artista y quieres actualizarla. ARTEINFORMADO te agradece tu aportación a la comunidad del arte. Premios de Pintura a los que puedes presentarte en España · Cursos de Pintura a los que puedes asistir en España · Premios de Fotografía a los que puedes presentarte en España · Cursos de Fotografía a los que puedes asistir en España · Exposiciones cercanas a este evento · Ver todas las exposiciones propuestas en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria · [...]

Arte Informado. Estudio Debajo del Sombrero, Exposición, Pintura, jun 2024 | ARTEINFORMADO. 17 de julio de 2024 15:31. artista, arte, pintura, exposiciones, museo.

Infórmanos si has visto algún error en este contenido o eres este artista y quieres actualizarla. O si lo prefieres, también puedes ponerte en contacto con su autor. ARTEINFORMADO te agradece tu aportación a la comunidad del arte. Premios de Pintura a los que puedes presentarte en España · Cursos de Pintura a los que puedes asistir en España · Exposiciones cercanas a este evento · Ver todas las exposiciones propuestas en Madrid · [...]

Arte Informado. World Press Photo 2024, Exposición, Fotografía, nov 2024 | ARTEINFORMADO. 17 de julio de 2024 15:31. artista, arte, exposiciones, museo.

Infórmanos si has visto algún error en este contenido o eres este artista y quieres actualizarla. ARTEINFORMADO te agradece tu aportación a la comunidad del arte. Premios de Fotografía a los que puedes presentarte en España · Cursos de Fotografía a los que puedes asistir en España · Exposiciones cercanas a este evento · Ver todas las exposiciones propuestas en Barcelona ·

Hyperallergic. Stream Media Art From Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora on PAMMTV. 17 de julio de 2024 01:02. art, museum, curated, exhibition, artist, paintings, artistic.

Whether hosting a party or searching for something to watch on your commute, PAMMTV’s innovative video programming livens up any space. Anyone in the world can access museum-quality video art by visiting and creating an account. Presenting 35 video works in five exhibitions throughout summer 2024, PAMMTV, the new streaming platform from Pérez Art Museum Miami, examines the evolution of media art from Miami, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Jamaica, Brazil, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, St. Maarten, Guatemala, Cuba, and beyond. This summer, PAMMTV delves into a collection of shapeshifting video art co-curated with TONO, a new festival for video and performance art out of Mexico City. TONO x PAMMTV Selects explores how bodies transform across natural, supernatural, and virtual spaces. Participating artists biarritzzz, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Seba Calfuqueo, Leo Castañeda, Cristóbal Cea, Colectivo Ixqcrear, Edny Jean Joseph, (La)Horde, Carlos Motta, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Agnes Questionmark, and Tania Ximena peer into the cell and the pixel, bursting discrete definitions of a body. PAMMTV continues to explore the interconnectedness of the virtual

Hyperallergic. The Chicanx and Latinx Artists Who Made the Border a Connection Point. 17 de julio de 2024 01:02. art, arte, artistic, museums, exhibition, paint, artist, history, museum, paintings.

Sign up for our free newsletters to get the latest art news, reviews, and opinions from Hyperallergic. The loose collective became known as Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo (BAW/TAF). It comprises many eras and iterations, but David Avalos and Victor Ochoa of the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego co-founded the group, turning the border into an artistic hotspot between 1984 and ’89. The small cultural center still sits at the edge of the sprawling Balboa Park, home to most of the city’s museums, and the exhibition Suturing the Border: Re-Membering BAW/TAF highlights five projects that span four decades. Through video, photography, ephemera, murals, and art installations, the show focuses on one of the most recognized artistic interventions, “Border Sutures” (1990), and dives into contemporary transborder projects that continue the spirit of BAW/TAF despite the newer, xenophobic infrastructure that intimidates migrants. Another section of the exhibition shows documentation from “Poblado Maclovio Rojas” (1997), a community-engaged mural project spearheaded by “The Three Graces,” or Berenice Badillo, Lorenza Rivero, and Rebecca Rivero. In Colonia Maclovio Rojas, a m

Hyperallergic. Five Art Shows to See in New York Before July 2024 Ends. 17 de julio de 2024 01:02. art, paintings, painting, artist, exhibition, painters, curated, sculptures, architecture, history, museum.

For anyone who loves color and dynamism in art, some of the best shows right now are in galleries. Mary Heilmann’s early drawings and paintings show why she’s such a force in contemporary painting, while Malcolm Morley stakes out high-drama territory with his vibrant, fantastical paintings of ships, planes, and other symbols of modern life. Meanwhile, enjoy a treasure chest of artworks in the 60-artist exhibition Christmas in July. If you need some introspection and social commentary after all that visual stimulation, be sure to check out Imani Jacqueline Brown’s critique of the Gulf Oil company and lovely, somber explorations of migration and memory by Vivian Chu and Jing Huang. —Natalie Haddad, Reviews Editor A longtime art world favorite, Mary Heilmann has had such an influence on subsequent generations of painters that it’s possible to forget how engaging and original her own works are. This exhibition, curated by artist Gary Simmons, is both a reminder and an absolute pleasure to see. In one room, a sprinkling of early works on paper surround a painted wall, which itself displays two paintings (one a miniature of the wall painting). In another, two geometric chairs in natural

Hyperallergic. New York Gears Up for 2024 Upstate Art Weekend. 17 de julio de 2024 01:02. art, museums, artist, sculptures, arte, curator, exhibition, museum, paintings.

This weekend, fresh air and shady trees are not the only things the north has to offer, as more than 145 arts venues will offer a slew of programs for the fifth iteration of Upstate Art Weekend (UAW). Featuring a mix of local galleries, arts organizations, museums, artist residencies, and studios, the event begins Thursday, July 18, and runs until Sunday, July 21.  Sign up for our free newsletters to get the latest art news, reviews, and opinions from Hyperallergic. Among the many initiatives taking place this weekend, KinoSaito’s art center in Verplanck is offering a variety of programming, kicking off Friday with a “weenie roast garden party” alongside an outdoor presentation of Lauren Cohen’s anthropomorphized hot dog ceramics in an interactive booth installation. On Saturday afternoon, New York’s La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club will present a six-part performance by KinoSaito’s Artist-in-Residence Maiko Kikuchi. Tickets can be reserved for $20 online. To close out the weekend, the organization will hold its free weekly KinoKids workshop from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday; this month’s drop-in children’s classes focus on sound sculptures inspired by the work of Israeli artist Naama Tsa

ArtNet. Christie’s Reports Steep Drop in Auction Totals for First Half of 2024. 17 de julio de 2024 00:05. art, history.

Christie’s reported total sales of $2.1 billion for the first half of the year, down 35 percent from  the $3.2 billion it hauled in during the same period last year, when the art market was already contracting. The 2022 total for the period was nearly double this year’s: $4.1 billion. Its 20th- and 21st-century art sales—which include many of the offerings at its marquee New York sales in May—saw a decrease of 24 percent, to $1.3 billion. During the Asian art week in New York in March, which totaled $51.8 million, a fifth of buyers were new to the category, the house said. Asian art was one of the few categories that saw an increase in total sales: 20 percent.

ArtNet. In a New Show at Gladstone, Alissa Bennett Unpacks the Mystery Novel ‘The Secret History’. 17 de julio de 2024 00:05. exhibition, history, art, artist, curation, curator, museums, sculpture, painter, painting, sculptures.

The gallery director walks us through the group exhibition she organized based on the 1992 Donna Tartt novel. Bennett has now assembled a group art exhibition based on the novel. “The Secret History” runs through August 2 at Gladstone 64. It’s a mélange of artworks both sourced by Bennett and many she commissioned. She bought 12 copies of the novel and doled them out to some of her favorite artists with the assignment: “No rules. Make whatever you want.” Last week, Bennett, looking smart in oversized Levi’s, a tucked-in white blouse, and an enormous statement gold chain, was walking me through the exhibition. She explained that she didn’t reach out to the author, Donna Tartt, “because I like her too much. The whole point of the mystery room in these ancient Greco-Roman cultures was not to worship the idol, but to encounter the idol, right? I don’t want to meet her.” “Something else makes it almost universally appealing,” Bennett continued. “What does it mean to be young at this specific time in American history? What does it say about this idea of time in terms of this valorized past and the limitless future? The present is this horrible and interminable [...]

ARTNews. "Space Makers" Charts the Influence of Native American Abstraction. 17 de julio de 2024 00:05. art, museums, exhibition, painting, historic, paintings, artist, painters, museum, curator, history, artistic, painter, curators.

Visually dense and conceptually expansive, “Space Makers: Indigenous Expression and a New American Art” surveys multiple movements and styles often absent from museums of American art. The exhibition foregrounds flat, organic abstraction from midcentury New York known as Indian Space Painting amid a mix of graphic works by Native American artists from the 1960s to the present, as well as 19th-century Indigenous objects from multiple regions around the country. Interpretive text emphasizes “shared visual forms” among nearly three dozen works across two galleries, while motifs echo through distinct media and time periods. Groupings of objects frequently combine examples of historic Native art, New York paintings, and contemporary Native art. One grouping revolves around a 19th-century naaxein, or Chilkat robe, with columns of trapezoids and ovals that contain multitudes: eyes, nested shapes, faces, profiles of bird heads, and a bold black line that unifies the atomized composition. An undulating mount animates the textile as if it were being danced, evoking its origins and intended use in a Tlingit community in Southeast Alaska. To the right of the robe hangs a 1944 oil painting Unti

ARTNews. Europe Creeps into Art Basel Miami—And More. 17 de julio de 2024 00:03. art, artist, history, sculpture, paint, sculptures, paintings, museum, musée, exhibit.

GO EUROPE, GO! Le Quotidien de l’Art focuses on the 11 European galleries that have never participated in Art Basel Miami since its creation in 2002. The American iteration of the fair, which will next take place from December 6 to 8 (VIP days are on December 4 and 5), has asserted its place in the art market by attracting a strong network of loyal collectors from South and North America. This is a powerful argument for galleries from other horizons. While two-thirds of exhibitors are based in America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina), the presence of other continents continues to grow: among the 32 new galleries this year, there are 7 from Asia (established in China, Singapore, South Korea and, for the first time, Indonesia) and 11 from Europe, including Allen (Paris), Bernard Bouche (Paris), Eric Mouchet (Paris, Brussels), Nosco (Brussels), Gunia Nowik (Warsaw), Alberta Pane (Venice, Paris), Sweetwater (Berlin), Catinca Tabacaru (Bucharest), Albarrán Bourdais (Madrid, Mahon), Espacio Valverde (Madrid), Fabian Lang (Zurich). Among them, Galerie Eric Mouchet will present, in the Survey sector, a selection of poignant works by South African

ARTNews. Centre Pompidou Málaga to Remain Open Through 2034 Under New Deal. 17 de julio de 2024 00:03. museum, art.

Under this new arrangement, the museum will remain open for 10 more years. Laurent Le Bon, president of the Centre Pompidou, called it an “immense pleasure” to be able to keep the Málaga museum running for another decade. The Málaga satellite is one of several run by the Centre Pompidou, whose Paris museum is now augmented by international spaces on multiple continents. Other satellites are currently operating in Brussels and Shanghai; future ones are planned for Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Recently, another planned Centre Pompidou satellite, in Jersey City, faced an unexpected roadblock when the state of New Jersey pulled funding following backlash from Republican politicians. That museum’s future is now in question. Meanwhile, the Centre Pompidou’s Paris home base is set to go through big changes of its own, closing for five years starting in 2025 for a large-scale renovation. Some prominent figures of the French art scene have denounced the closure, arguing that such a prolonged shuttering is not necessary.

ARTNews. LA’s MOCA Announces New $100,000 ‘Environment and Art’ Prize. 17 de julio de 2024 00:03. museum, art, artist, architecture, curator.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles will soon award three editions of a major artist prize over the next six years. Called the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Environment and Art Prize, the award, which comes with $100,000, will go to an artist whose practice “address[es] critical intersections in art, architecture, design, climate, conservation, sustainability, and environmental justice,” according to a release. “Eric and Wendy Schmidt, through their philanthropic initiatives, have long supported projects at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts. MOCA is immensely grateful to them for their generous gift to establish this prize,” MOCA’s director Johanna Burton said in a statement. “This new prize enables the museum to continue to forefront the work of artists who are creating dialogue and visibility around issues of climate, conservation, and sustainability.” The inaugural winner of the prize will be announced this fall. The winner will work over the next year and a half to realize a new commissioned work that will be unveiled at MOCA in spring 2026. Each winner will be selected a five-person jury, drawn from a list of nominees selected by a group of 15 to 20 spec

ARTNews. Tokyo Gendai Art Fair Moves To September for 2025 Edition. 17 de julio de 2024 00:03. art.

Instead of taking place in July, as it has for its first two editions, the art fair will return next year to the Pacifico Yokohama convention center about an hour south of central Tokyo on September 12 to September 14, with its VIP preview day on September 11.

ARTNews. V&A Beats Out Met Museum to Acquire $2.6 M. Ivory Sculpture of Christ. 17 de julio de 2024 00:03. museum, sculpture, art, heritage.

A press release from the museum called Deposition of Christ from the Cross “one of the finest and most important examples of English Romanesque ivory carvings to survive.” The walrus tusk ivory sculpture depicts Jesus Christ’s body being lifted from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea. It is dated to approximately 1190–1200, and was likely to have been made in the Northern English city of York. It was also believed to be part of a much larger artwork depicting seven scenes from the final days of Jesus Christ. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York had initially purchased the sculpture through a private Sotheby’s sale, subject to its ability to be exported from the UK. Earlier this year, an export license was deferred a second time, to allow the V&A to try to match the price of $2.6 million (£2 million). The initial deferral period finished in February but was extended until June 14. Deposition of Christ from the Cross will now be added to the London art museum’s permanent collection and will return to public display in the institution’s Medieval and Renaissance galleries later this year. “I am thrilled that the V&A has been able to save this [...]



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